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Data visualizations / Dashboards

Real Time, Node.js, D3.js, Power BI based visualizations, one-page web apps

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Serverless Applications

Function-as-a-Service(Faas) ,Scalability Decreased time to market,Enhanced scalability,More time for user experience, Lower cost

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Mobile Apps & APIs

Building better Restful APIs for mobile apps saves time and effort,decouple front end development from backend systems,secure, analyze, scale, enhance performance

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Smart Healthcare

Approximation Diagnosis to patient, Help doctor for Diagnosis, Better service for patient, Restful APIs for mobile apps in Healthcare, IoT in Healthcare,Machine Learning in Healthcare, Cloud Computing

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Smart Logistics

Smart Logistics keeps traffic routes open, Track the navigation path, Restful APIs for mobile apps in Logistics, IoT in Logistics, Machine Learning in Logistics

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Map up your business

List Your Business in Map and map your company information and see new connections

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